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Facts About Challenge Coins To Note

A small portion of the world's population understands what a challenge coin is. The challenge is mostly associated with the military, whereby it is used to honor soldier for their heroic work that they have done. The challenge coin has a long history; although it is not known the specific time when the coin was first used, some say that it started during the First World War. An officer-in-charge of us army wanted to reward pilots who were involved in the war, requested for the gold plated medals so that he can present to the pilots. Since then the challenge coins has become conventional and military forces from different countries have taken in the use of the challenge coins, today even the police and other disciplinary troops are using the coins. Nowadays organizations have embraced and have started using the challenge coins, and now one may wonder how are the challenge coins made. The challenge coins do vary in size, shape, color and even the material used to make it, most of the challenge coins are about two or one and a half inches in diameter and some inches thick. The organizations are using the coins to improve the team spirit of the staff whereby the coin is awarded to the best-performing workers. See more at

In the military forces and disciplinary forces, the challenge coins can be used to identify a particular unit or an individual in the forces; hence the challenge coin should be unique. Because the challenge coin is awarded to military officers to recognize they heroic act, therefore once they are rewarded they filled with a lot of joy, even though the coin does not have a lot of value in terms of money. In the organization set up, the workers have to put their efforts into their team or their work so that the management can identify their efforts. Hence the productivity of the company will increase, and when the administration recognizes the efforts of the employees, the employee will feel appreciated and will tend to improve more. This company may specify how they want their coin to be, the challenge can be customized and the company’s logo and whatever the company wants to include.

The challenge coin can also be used in competition whereby people compete in the various competition, and the winner is awarded the coin. Although the coin may be of less value in terms of money, the employee will be delighted been awarded the coin for their efforts.

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